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Characterization falling flat? Prose cheesy as hell? [Head]Canon needs clearing up? Or just want to tell me grasp of Monégasque history is all wrong?

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4th wall breaking; If it's done subtly, yes.
threadjacking; Private business should stay private, but otherwise, yes.
back threading; Yes, definitely; in general, my tags are rather slow, so this may become necessary.

fighting capabilities; Currently nonexistent. France.
injury/death; As a manifestation of a country, she possesses a kind of pseudo-immortality. While she may be killed by means similar to any human, such a state is only temporary, and she'll eventually revive. Talk with me if you plan on killing her, though.
win/lose/tie; Games of chance or wit are most likely the only battles she'll win.
medical/physical info; She has a mole on her breast. It's horribly disfiguring, as you can see.

romance/relationships; She'll naturally gravitate toward her ex-bosses and harbor some degree of feelings for each, for the most part. Frances might encounter a bit of hesitance or resistance, though, as their current relationship is more familial than anything else. Other characters will have to work a bit harder to win her heart, provided they don't mind the fact that it functions rather like a timeshare at this point. If you'd specifically like to develop something with her, talk with me.
sexual relations; She'll sleep with you long before she admits she loves you. She scores about a 1 on the Kinsey scale. Outside smut games/memes, I'd rather you talked with me first.
physical contact; The closer you are to her geographically, the more reciprocation you'll get.

any triggers/secrets/facts you want people to know about; She's a microstate, not a micronation. And she's fully sovereign. To imply anything otherwise is rather offensive.


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